Website Changelog

You can check here updates of the website / api.

(25/01/2021) !! IMPORTANT CHANGES !!

  • Added "NOT-NULLED" resource prefix.
  • DiCoins/DiCredits currencies has been removed from site.
  • DirectLeaks Shop with profile perks purchasable has been removed from site.
  • Added Discord Bots resource category.
  • Re-organized Premium/VIP categories fully.
  • Changes to account upgrades/membership.
  • Updated Terms and Rules (including resource rules).
  • Fixed few website errors.
  • Some API changes.
    • DirectLeaks folder is no longer generated in the plugins.
    • Few more updates and changes.
  • Updated Informations page.


  • For already upgraded members with: Premium, Webmaster or Access-Only, these upgrades are now invisible on your profiles, but you still have the permissions of each upgrade.
  • If you purchased Premium, you still have access to:
    • All profile perks
    • VIP plugins, VIP servers & maps, VIP configs, VIP other resources, VIP forks & builds.
  • If you purchased Access-Only, you still have access to:
    • Resource category called "Custom Stuff Mostly (VIP)"
  • If you purchased Webmaster, you still have access to:
    • VIP categories of: Xenforo, Pterodactyl, WHMCS, Websites, Wordpress


  • Now only purchasable upgrade is called "VIP Membership" and it gives you access to all features from previous upgrades, so it's like all upgrades in one, means everyone who purchased all in one before, was automatically upgraded to VIP.
  • Anyone who will want to upgrade to VIP and has currently one of old upgrades (Premium, Webmaster or Access-Only) can get discount after dming me (t0r#8252) on discord or directly on site.





  • Fixed ton of spamming website errors.
  • Fixed the profile gif issue.
  • Fixed problem where some people could not register on the site.
  • Fixed problem on some forum threads. (This required to remove useless anonymous posting feature.)
  • Fixed problem where upgraded users could not change their username.


  • Removed/Disabled monthly account upgrades. (Now only lifetime purchasable).
  • Reduced price of webmaster account upgrade.
  • Reduced price of all in one account upgrade.
  • Changed download limit for non-Premium members from 10 to 20.
  • Edited Informations page.
  • Added Removal Request form. (


  • API CHANGES: Plugins will no longer create DirectLeaks folder.
  • API CHANGES: SlimeWorldManager will now work on a server with plugin downloaded from DirectLeaks.
  • Removed Forum Marketplace (fully).
  • New Forum Rules.
  • Removed Resource Marketplace (fully).
  • Added purchasable permission for uploading gif profile pictures for non-premium members in Coins Shop.
  • Added one more forum "Humor".
  • Added Resource Rules.
  • Edited DL tips on resource page.
  • Updated ToS.


  • Disabled automatic hover on some elements because of phone incompability.
  • Disabled username styles to get better website perfomance. Since now, only custom username color will be available.


  • Added automatic hover for account navigation.
  • New multi-account detection.
  • Added profile completion widget on main page.
  • Added selectable duration for Webmaster upgrade in Account Upgrades page and made a little improvements there.
  • Improved site perfomance.
  • Re-made discord integration.
  • Fixed search.
  • Fixed multi-prefixes problems.
  • Fixed some minor styling issues.


  • Guests will not be forced to register when searching forum, search etc. anymore, instead we added guest view limit only for resources.



  • Minor phrases fixes and theme styling updates.
  • Removed forum statistics and some widgets.
  • Added Shoutbox to the home page (forums).


  • Added new on-site currency called "DiCredits" used only for purchase alts/accounts in our shop. These credits is not possible to get for free, you have to purchase them with PayPal / Crypto in your wallet.
  • Added new stuff to shop.
  • Minor phrases updates and fixes.
  • Minor styling updates and fixes.
  • Removed purchasable username styles pack, now it's available only in bundle, but mainly you will have to buy them from Shop for DiCoins.
  • You can now also increase your download limits with DiCoins. (Non premium users).
  • More things to shop regarding perks and permissions and also other stuff will be added over time.
  • Updated Informations page.

We also added new events to gain DiCoins:

  1. If your resource get review/rating, you will get 0.2 DiCoins and +0.5 per each star given.
  2. If you will rate/review someone else's resource, you will get 0.05 DiCoins + 0.01 per each star given.
  3. If you will get warned by staff, you will be charged 20 DiCoins and 2 DiCoins per each warning point.
  4. If you created a thread on forum and someone will reply to the thread, you will get 0.02 DiCoins, if reply will be deleted later, event will be reverted and 0.02 charged from your wallet.

(Amount of DiCoins given on these events? No it's not a joke, it could be easily abused, and still we will be monitoring it.)


  • Added exclusive paid category for most trusted members, upload permissions requests dm t0r#8252 on Discord.
  • Removed partners slider and added banners on home page.
  • Added Cryptocurrency payment methods.


  • New 404 not found error page.
  • Removed articles home page since it was useless.
  • Removed news forum, this changelog is enough.
  • Removed FAQ sytem, instead of this, we added new Informations page where you can find everything important about DirectLeaks. (


  • Added new DiCoins currency system. (Can be used for purchases in our new on-site Shop).
  • Added new Shop where will be accounts and other things. (
  • Added events for DiCoins, now you will receive DiCoins for certain actions on the site or for your activity (Premium members will gain more than free members).
  • You can now also purchase DiCoins with PayPal.
  • Removed Partners page, we will keep only Partners slider.

DiCoins Events:

  • Resource Upload = 4 DiCoins (Won't count for external download).
  • Someone Reacts to your Forum Post = 1 DiCoin
  • Daily Login to your Account = 2 DiCoins
  • Awarded Trophy (Some of them only lol) = 2 DiCoins
  • Update your Resource = 2 DiCoins
  • Or you can buy DiCoins with PayPal in your wallet ;-)

In next update we will add probably more events and also Premium accounts multipliers.


  • Re-worked Discord server roles (Now all upgraded members can join it too -> Premium, Webmaster, Access-Only).


  • We are working on new system with credits and shop on DirectLeaks where you will be able to get minecraft alts and even more accounts such as NordVPN etc. (Currently we have them on Shoppy, however we will move it directly to DirectLeaks).
  • These accounts will be purchasable with onsite currency (Credits) and some Premium members will be able to get them for activity on site, or you can buy them with PayPal and then buy accounts with credits.


  • Added Website Reviews (
  • Everytime you log in, you need to complete captcha now.
  • Re-worked website leaks and created own category for it, with sub-categories - Free, Premium, Webmaster.


  • Everyone can now upload in DirectLeaks Exclusive.
  • Everyone can now upload in Access-Only.


  • Re-worked all categories + added few more.
  • Re-worked some prefixes, added some prefixes.
  • Added new upgrade "Webmaster".
  • Fixed permissions for Premium members where they couldn't clear their username change history.
  • Corrected few styling bugs and issues.
  • And some other things..


  • Removed Access-Only donate campaign.
  • Added Access-Only as an account upgrade.
  • Reduced price of Access-Only from 20€ to 10€.


  • Fixed several styling bugs.
  • Added tags to threads and resources.
  • Re-made download limits and resource pages.
  • Fixed problem with Premium username styles of 1 month and 3 months plans -> Styles weren't showing for them.
  • Fixed problem with Conversations Inbox limit for Premium members wasn't unlimited.
  • Few more secret updates..


  • Edited Resource categories, added new ones + added new prefixes for Others (you can now apply multiple prefixes). From now on no other category will be added in the near future, we will be adding only prefixes for Other Resources category if someone will request it.
  • Fixed various styling bugs.
  • FAQ page re-created.
  • Made various changes to the ticket system of DirectLeaks.


  • Made alot of styling updates and edits again. Just let us know what you think in Suggestions forum.
  • If you're not logged in (Guest) you can now access tickets to contact us in case you lost access to your account and you can't recover it for some reason.


  • Fixed more rich username bugs on forum and home page.
  • Fixed trophies icons.
  • Added even more trophies.
  • Trophies in categories which contains "[WEARABLE]" will be added to your messages on forum and conversations while limited to maximum 7 trophies can be visible (latest ones).
  • Improved styling of checkboxes.


  • Fixed rich username on resource page, profile page, conversations, popups and more.
  • Re-created account upgrades.
  • Prices for 1 month and 3 months premium is more user-friendly, but we added download limits for these plans. You can see more on Membership page.
  • Added alot of new username styles.
  • We removed purchasable username styles, now you can purchase all in one pack.
  • Have any suggestions for website? Create a thread in suggestions forum!



  • Slightly updated and corrected styling of the website.
  • Corrected some phrases.
  • First preparations for new Premium update feature has been made.
  • Removed profile medals, we will add something similiar very soon.


  • Premium members now have access to private Discord server.
  • Premium members now have access to post in DirectLeaks Exclusive category.


  • Added brand new status page of our services.
  • Some styling corrections.
  • Security fixes.
  • Changed and improved our servers.


  • Added support ticket system.


  • Fixed problems with DirectLeaks API. Sorry for the downtime.


  • Premium members can now post resources to Premium category.


  • Removed Discord widgets.


  • If DirectLeaks API is down, you will not be able to download resources until it's up.
  • Some secret updates for staff.
  • Corrected few things in Contribute page.
  • Styling updates.
  • Now you can use only 2FA with mobile app (no email codes).
  • Added API status to header (if our api IS NOT "Operational" you will not be able to download resources with .jar extension).
  • Now if website is under attack, you will be able to run our plugins without any problem (only if downloaded from date of update or later).
  • Now if you will be banned from the site, your downloaded plugins will automatically stop working, also if you will be banned only temporary. BAN = Your downloaded plugins won't work.
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