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Website Changelog

You can check here updates of the website / api.


  • Removed Access-Only donate campaign.
  • Added Access-Only as an account upgrade.
  • Reduced price of Access-Only from 20€ to 10€.


  • Fixed several styling bugs.
  • Added tags to threads and resources.
  • Re-made download limits and resource pages.
  • Fixed problem with Premium username styles of 1 month and 3 months plans -> Styles weren't showing for them.
  • Fixed problem with Conversations Inbox limit for Premium members wasn't unlimited.
  • Few more secret updates..


  • Edited Resource categories, added new ones + added new prefixes for Others (you can now apply multiple prefixes). From now on no other category will be added in the near future, we will be adding only prefixes for Other Resources category if someone will request it.
  • Fixed various styling bugs.
  • FAQ page re-created.
  • Made various changes to the ticket system of DirectLeaks.


  • Made alot of styling updates and edits again. Just let us know what you think in Suggestions forum.
  • If you're not logged in (Guest) you can now access tickets to contact us in case you lost access to your account and you can't recover it for some reason.


  • Fixed more rich username bugs on forum and home page.
  • Fixed trophies icons.
  • Added even more trophies.
  • Trophies in categories which contains "[WEARABLE]" will be added to your messages on forum and conversations while limited to maximum 7 trophies can be visible (latest ones).
  • Improved styling of checkboxes.


  • Fixed rich username on resource page, profile page, conversations, popups and more.
  • Re-created account upgrades.
  • Prices for 1 month and 3 months premium is more user-friendly, but we added download limits for these plans. You can see more on Membership page.
  • Added alot of new username styles.
  • We removed purchasable username styles, now you can purchase all in one pack.
  • Have any suggestions for website? Create a thread in suggestions forum!



  • Slightly updated and corrected styling of the website.
  • Corrected some phrases.
  • First preparations for new Premium update feature has been made.
  • Removed profile medals, we will add something similiar very soon.


  • Premium members now have access to private Discord server.
  • Premium members now have access to post in DirectLeaks Exclusive category.


  • Added brand new status page of our services.
  • Some styling corrections.
  • Security fixes.
  • Changed and improved our servers.


  • Added support ticket system.


  • Fixed problems with DirectLeaks API. Sorry for the downtime.


  • Premium members can now post resources to Premium category.


  • Removed Discord widgets.


  • If DirectLeaks API is down, you will not be able to download resources until it's up.
  • Some secret updates for staff.
  • Corrected few things in Contribute page.
  • Styling updates.
  • Now you can use only 2FA with mobile app (no email codes).
  • Added API status to header (if our api IS NOT "Operational" you will not be able to download resources with .jar extension).
  • Now if website is under attack, you will be able to run our plugins without any problem (only if downloaded from date of update or later).
  • Now if you will be banned from the site, your downloaded plugins will automatically stop working, also if you will be banned only temporary. BAN = Your downloaded plugins won't work.
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    Dec 14, 2019
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