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⚡ [1.16-1.17] Talismans ☄️ 60+ Talismans ✅ Craftable and Collectable

NULLED ⚡ [1.16-1.17] Talismans ☄️ 60+ Talismans ✅ Craftable and Collectable 4.1.0

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- Added support for custom-model-data
- Reworked commands:
Base command: /talismans
Commands are now this:
/talismans reload
/talismans give
- Added invalid-command message for when /talismans is given an invalid subcommand
- Added vibrance talisman
- Fixed Grounding Charm not checking if the player has the talisman
- Halved reload time
- Added option to only activate the highest level of each talisman rather than having levels stack together
- Updated to eco 6.0.0
This update will require you to update eco and all extensions
The major version number has been incremented due to semantic versioning
- Updated to eco 5.5.1
- Added grounding charm
- Added storm ring
- Updated to Java 16 Conventions internally
- Fixed NPE
- Fixed default Boss Talisman config
- New Talisman Necromance Ring: Deal more damage to enemies for each undead mob near you
- Reduced duplicate code
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- Added Day + Night crystals (New Talismans)
- Fixed feather talisman giving damage effect when no damage was dealt
Added 1.17 support and updated to Java 16

You'll have to wait for ProtocolLib to update to use this version on 1.17
- Fixed specifying amount breaking the level with /talgive
- Fixed default resistance talisman I name
- Added support for "\n" in talisman descriptions
- Fixed Speed Talisman not being registered
- Fixed offhand-only not updating when a player switches the item in their offhand
- Fixed default color of flame talisman III
- Fixed auto recipes not being displayed



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