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✸ LobbySystem 2 | [1.8.8 - 1.16.4] ✸

NULLED ✸ LobbySystem 2 | [1.8.8 - 1.16.4] ✸ 1.2.0

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LobbySystem 2 is one of the largest LobbySystems available on SpigotMC.
The System offers everything you need for a Professional Lobby.
The first impression of the Server is in the Lobby, convince new players with your LobbySystem.


The main intention of LobbySystem 2 is to provide the players with everything they need.
So that it doesn't get boring in the Lobby, there are also Gadgets, Effects, Pets and much more.
Many of the above Items can be purchased using our free CoinsAPI Plugin.
Developers can use the CoinsAPI to assign Coins to players in other Minigames, so
players in the Lobby have the opportunity to buy Gadgets, Effects, Pets and much more.
But this Feature is also available for Server owners who have no idea about development.

LobbySystem 2 is not just a simple LobbySystem.
It also has some cool Features to make it stand out from the other solutions on the market!
The most special Features are listed here.

Extremely many Settings - So many Settings were never available in a LobbySystem!
Change Messages how you like, adjust Item prices to your
liking, rename Items to your liking and much more Settings.

Everything is saved - The LobbySystem saves the Settings of the Players on a MySQL Database.
If there are several Lobbies, the same Settings will always be loaded.
These include the Settings, purchased Items, Pets, Effects and more.

Integrated Shop - Our Integrated Shop offers the Player cool stuff like
Gadgets, Effects, Pets and much more to buy with their Coins.

Daily Reward - There are two different daily Rewards, one
for regular players and one for players with specific Permission.

Version compatibility - Your server is on version 1.8.8 or 1.16 no problem!
LobbySystem 2 works from version 1.8.8 up to 1.16.4.

Compatibility with other Plugins -
- Friends, EpicFriends, Party and Friends
- TimoCloud, CloudSystem.iO, CloudNet
- EffectBoots (Soon)

Easy Setup - Typing commands is a thing of the past.
Enter your Server, open the Setup chest and get started.

Premium Support - LobbySystem 2 is updated regularly so that you can receive fixes and improvements quickly.
Found a bug or want to suggest something ?
Don't hesitate to contact us and you will get the response in the next 12 hours!
The Support is provided in English and German.

Inexpensive but professional - LobbySystem 2 is extremely cheap for it's quality and Features!

A complete list of the Features is here:
Spoiler: Full Features List
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Latest Reviews

Great plugin! but i have a question, u do know if this works in cracked server?
No idea sorry, i have never used this.



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