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    • Fully configurable menus and multiple menus creation and accessing via config actions
    • Anti Break
    • Anti Item Movement
    • Anti Portal
    • Anti Item Drop
    • Anti Damage
    • Anti Chat
    • Anti Hunger
    • Join message
    • Leave message
    • Flying pearl with two modes
    • Player Visibility
    • Lobby Speed
    • Cosmetics
    • Chat Format
    • Spawn Teleport
    • Customizable join items
    • Servers Menu
    • Lobby-Servers Menu
    • Launch Pads
    • Double Jump [infinite]
    • Built-in Queue
    • Customizable servers
    • Scoreboard
    • Custom Tab
    • Armor Gadgets
    • Multiple plugins support

    • Vault - used to get player's rank,prefix etc.
      • Same goes for AquaCore, LuckPerms and Football's Core, Mizu, Root, Neutron, mCore, Chronium, HestiaCore, Stark, nCore
      • If you wish to have your core added DM us on discord with your API.
    • Protocol Lib, Protocol Support or ViaVersion - used for custom tab to work properly.

    • Leave Queue [/leavequeue]
    • Join Queue [/joinqueue <server>]
    • Pause Queue [/pausequeue <server>] [perm = "
    • Gadget [/gadget <name>]
    • HubCore [/hubcore]
    • HubCore Reload [/hubcore reload] [perm = "
    • Set Spawn [/setspawn] [perm = "
    [*]Full list of commands & permissions: https://fatehub.bghddevelopment.com/commands-and-permissions

    Spoiler: settings.yml
    Spoiler: menus.yml
    Spoiler: messages.yml
    Spoiler: scoreboard.yml
    Spoiler: tab.yml
    Spoiler: gadgets.yml
    Full configs located on wiki: https://fatehub.bghddevelopment.com


    Spoiler: proof

    Spoiler: images


    FateHub Supports PlaceholderAPI for scoreboard, tab and most of the messages

    FateHub 2.0 Global Placeholders (Menus, Scoreboard, Messages, Tab)

    {status-serverbungeename} - get status of a server
    {online-serverbungeename} - get amount of players online on a server
    {queued-serverbungeename} - get amount of players in a queue for a server
    {count:serverbungeename1:serverbungeename2:serverbungeename3} - get total count
    of entered servers, this will get a total count of players on 3 servers
    {bungee-online} - get total amount of players on bungee

    FateHub 2.0 Tab Placeholders

    - Everything from global placeholders
    {player} - get player name
    {rank} - get rank of a player
    {ping} - get a ping of a player

    FateHub 2.0 Scoreboard Placeholders

    - Everything from global placeholders
    <player> - get player name
    <rank> - get rank of a player
    <pos> - get position in queue
    <queue_server> - get queue server name
    <global_count> - get total amount of players on bungee
    <in_queue> - get total amount of players in player's queue

    queue.bypass - bypass queue system for all server
    queue.bypass.<server> - bypass queue for individual server, replace <server> with your bungee name of the server
    queue.priority.<number> - priority permission, replace <number> with any number
    between 1 and 50, 1 would be the highest
    hub.reload - access to /hub reload
    hub.command.setspawn - access to /setspawn
    hub.pausequeue - access to /pausequeue
    hub.options.bypass.brake - bypass block breaking
    hub.options.bypass.place - bypass block placing
    hub.options.bypass.drop - bypass item drop
    hub.options.bypass.pick - bypass item pick up
    hub.options.bypass.chat - bypass chat usage

    Commands & Permisisons: https://fatehub.bghddevelopment.com/commands-and-permissions

    [IMG] [IMG]
    Crediting Original:(FaceSlap_/Activated_) BGHDDev
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Recent Reviews
  1. Manupro27

    Version: 2.1.13
    Amazing plugin! Very good hubcore, I only miss a pvp system.
    Feb 13, 2021Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

      Suggestions should be put on feedback site.
  2. PlayCraft Games
    PlayCraft Games

    Version: 2.1.12
    I love this plugin, it is the best HubCore of all MC-Market, I recommend it 100%. It's amazing that it's still 1.7 compliant, I hope it stays that way ★★★★★
    Jan 31, 2021Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

  3. WindexBot

    Version: 2.1.5
    Amazing plugin, easy to configurate and amazing dev team! Highly recommend!
    Dec 22, 2020Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

  4. 4QTxx

    Version: 2.1.2
    Really good customer service, and the plugin is AMAZING.
    Definitely would buy this!
    Nov 30, 2020Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

  5. Gaby2MX

    Version: 2.1.1
    ALL the Plugins has be made by BGHDD has very recomended. once again, grateful for the creation of this and other plugins. The best
    Nov 27, 2020Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

  6. ToxicShadow

    Version: 2.0.49
    Excelent resource - best hub core on the market currently!
    Oct 28, 2020Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

  7. JMTC

    Version: 2.0.48
    good plugin the dev despite my language difference understands me and ends up repairing the errors. I would like the menu items to be able to put enchantments and have the option for those who do not want them to be able to disable them
    Oct 25, 2020Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

      Thanks for the suggestion please follow up on the feedback site.
  8. Rhylow

    Version: 2.0.40
    The best hub core. :)
    Sep 16, 2020Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

  9. MrAJYT

    Version: 2.0.34
    Amazing plugin and the best hub core on the market by far! The customisation options are nearly endless which makes for a brilliant customised feel on servers. Keep it up :D
    Aug 26, 2020Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

  10. AtomicNetAdrian

    Version: 2.0.27
    Jul 17, 2020Report
    1. BGHDDevelopment
      Author's Response

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