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Galaxy Package is the most complete package to add features to your server in order to create a highly unique and customizable experience with all enchantments, space flares, fallen heroes and more being 100% customisable.

This plugin is perfect for any Factions / Prison / Survival / Skyblock / Etc. a server that needs more custom features and enhanced game-play.






Custom Enchantments [120+]

  • The main part of this plugin is the 120+ Custom Enchantments that all have unique features and do different things also sorted by tier. Defence and attacking custom enchants along with mcMMO and Faction enchants are all included and documented in the spoiler below. These can also be edited in the books.yml for an even more custom experience.
  • Every enchant is customisable to give you the best experience possible.
Spoiler: List of Enchantments

  • Here you can buy the custom enchants which are hidden in tiered enchantment books. To open you must right-click a random book to get a custom enchant book.

Spoiler: Picture of Enchanter

Enchantment Books
  • The enchant book have a randomly generated success/destroy rate. All you need to do to apply is open your inventory and right click on an item with the book in your hand. If it works, it will add a lore to the item with the custom enchant. If it fails it will not add a lore and will take your book and potentially destroy your item.

Spoiler: Picture of Enchantment Books

Spoiler: Picture of Enchantment Books
  • In the Tinkerer you can exchange your armour or opened custom enchant books for EXP and tiered Fireballs to receive success dust from.

Spoiler: Picture of Tinkerer


Here you can exchange two of the same level enchantment book for one enchantment book of the higher level using EXP! You can also exchange Magic Dust the same way.
Spoiler: Picture of Alchemist
Success Dust & Fireballs
  • A fireball has a chance of getting tiered magic dust. Applying success dust of these to the given enchantment book tier will increase the success rate of the book. The higher the success rate, the better chances the enchant book will apply to the given item.

Spoiler: Picture of Dust

Spoiler: Picture of Dust

Vkits (Evolution Kits)
  • Vkits are just like regular Gkits but Vkits have custom enchants applied to armor and weapons which level up as you use them. So, when you start you have armor with a few lower enchants and as you use them they gain enchants and the enchant level increases. Everything can be configured and added/removed from the Vkits, for more information about how this works see the configuration section below.

Spoiler: Picture of Vkits

Spoiler: Picture of Vkits

Fallen Heroes
  • Fallen Heroes are just like bosses for your server, which drop items or run commands on death. They are highly configurable and useful. All the Fallen Heroes for Gkits and Vkits are already added for your convenience.

Spoiler: Picture of Fallen Heros

Spoiler: Picture of Fallen Heros

Transmog Scrolls
Transmog scrolls organize the enchants by tier in the order Soul, Legendary, Ultimate, Elite, Unique, Simple and also add the number of custom enchants next to the item name.
Spoiler: Picture of Tinkerer

Soul Trackers and Gem
  • Apply a Soul Tracker to an item to count your kills with this item. Split the souls from the item to get a soul gem with /splitsouls. Right clicking the soul gem will enable/disable soul mode which activates soul enchants on the item you are using. You can split a soul gem into multiple smaller ones by using /withdrawsouls.

Spoiler: Picture of Soul Trackers & Gems

Spoiler: Picture of Soul Trackers & Gems

Randomization Scrolls
Randomization Scrolls, randomize the success and destroy rates.

Spoiler: Picture of Randomization Scrolls

White Scrolls
White scrolls prevent your item from breaking if applied to an item.

Spoiler: Picture of White Scrolls

Spoiler: Picture of White Scrolls

Black Scrolls
This takes a random enchant off your item and turns it into a book with the destroy rate on the book is always 100%.

Spoiler: Picture of Black Scrolls


Code (Text):
# ---------- Enchantments and More ----------
# galaxyenchantments.limit.<1-100> - to limit the amount of enchantments a player/players in a group can apply to items. This works for each item, and it is basically a perm to set the maximum a player can apply per item.

/gp enchants - opens a GUI with all enchants - Permission: None

/gp enchanter - open the enchanter - Permission:

/gp tinkerer - open the tinkerer - Permission: enchants.tinkerer

/gp withdrawsouls <amount> - withdraw a number of souls from your tracked item - Permission: None

/gp splitsouls <amount> - withdraw a number of souls from your soulgem onto another one - Permission: None

/gp soulgem <amountOfSouls> <player> - give a player a soulgem with specified souls. Permission: enchantments.admin

/gp enchantedbook - Give a player an item based on the plugin. - Permission:

/gp enchantedbook give <player> scroll - give a player 1 white scroll.

/gp enchantedbook give <player> blackscroll - give a player 1 blackscroll

/gp enchantedbook give <player> transmogscroll - give a player 1 transmog scroll

/gp enchantedbook give <player> scroll<tier> or godly - give a player a randomization scroll.

/gp enchantedbook give <player> tracker<tier> - give a player a soul tracker.

/gp enchantedbook giveEnchantment <enchantmentName> <successRate> <destroyRate> <level>

# ---------- Fallen Heroes ----------

/gp fallenhero give <player> <nameofhero> - fallenheroes.give - give a player a

/gp fallenhero list - fallenheroes.list - list the fallen heroes you have made.

# ---------- Gkits and Vkits ----------

# cosmickits.use is the perm to open the /gp vkits and /gp gkits gui.

/gp vkit - cosmicvkits.(slot#) to give the perm to open.

/gp gkit - cosmickits.(slot#) to give the perm to open.

/gp <gkit/vkit> give <kitNumber> <playerName> - cosmickits.admin


  • Download Galaxy Package 2 & any other requirements that you do not have
  • Drag n' Drop all of the downloaded files into your server’s "plugins" directory
  • Restart the server
  • Assign proper permissions as seen below and reload your permissions plugin
  • (Sometimes a 2nd restart is needed to activate the enchantments upon the first installation)
  • Done!
Bug/Issue Reports:

If you have any bugs please do not rate my resource about the bug or issue, contact me in the discussion first or pm me! Thanks!


If you would like some help using the plugin or have any questions about it. Then join my support discord to get almost instant support!

Discord coming soon!


You are paying for the version of the plugin at the time of the transaction. Future and previous versions are considered as a 'bonus' and extreme harassment or spam messages will result in your account being removed from the buyer's list.

Constructive and useful feedback will always be accepted!
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