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HALLOWEEN 2021 NULLED SlenderManX 1.10.1

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Note: This plugin uses the resource pack to work. Please consider this before purchasing.


This plugin adds a horror element to your server - a terrible SlenderMan who attacks random players at nights and scares them at days. Many different screamers, different styles of SlenderMan's behavior during an attack take the survival experience to a whole new level. Your players will feel real fear, because it is very difficult to escape from the black beast.


The downloaded archive contains the plugind and the resource pack. Install the plugin as usual.
Upload the resource pack to a file hosting (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc), copy a direct-download link and paste it in your


Each player who joins yout server will be prompted to download the resource pack. Players will be kicked if the resource pack is not downloaded.



SlenderManX.attack - /slender attack command
SlenderManX.stop - /slender stop command
SlenderManX.reload - /slender reload command
SlenderManX.scare - /slender scare command
SlenderManX.toggle - /slender toggle-jumpscares command
SlenderManX.toggle.others - /slender toggle-jumpscares command - protect from Slender auto-attacks
SlenderManX.notify - get in-game notifications from auto screamers and slender attacks (if enabled)
SlenderManX.inattack.allowcommands - allows you to send commands during a Slender attack
SlenderManX.inattack.allowteleports - allows you to teleport during a Slender attack - allows you to leave server during a Slender attack with no punishment


This plugin is fully-configurable! You can customize almost every aspect of the game to your heart's content.

Spoiler: config.yml


/slender attack <player> [-f] - attack a player. Use -f to attack him anyway (if there are some conditions which protect a player)
/slender stop - stop a Slenderman attack
/slender scare <player> <screamer> - scare a player with a screamer
/slender toggle-jumpscares [player] - toggle screamers from Slenderman for you or for a player
/slender reload - reload the plugin


★Fully customizable config.
★Slender attacks and scares players automatically.
★Custom models, textures and sounds.
★You can prevent players from leaving server by punishing them with instant death after rejoin.
★Slenderman checks the player's location and punishes him if the player is standing or running in one place.
★Plugin turns your server into horror. It's unusual!
★Slenderman has many different behaviors.
★Players will not be allowed to enter unless they install the resource pack.
★You can reward players by performing commands (set them in the config) if they survived a Slender attack.
FearFeeling integration! Screamers will increase players fear.
★You can buy my Jumpscares plugin to make your server more creepier.
★You can also download the addon to add protection flags against Slenderman attacks and screamers.


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