Everything you need to know about DirectLeaks and it's features.

Member Limitations

  • Our members are being limited on forum but also on resource page, few limitations have all the members same and that is posting limit, everyone can post certain amount of replies, conversations etc.. per hour to prevent spamming and abusive behaviour.
  • Every member is also limited on resource page to 10 downloads per day, but you can increase or fully remove this limitation by purchasing Premium account upgrade.

DirectLeaks Folder in Resources

  • Do not worry about it! It is nothing malicious, it is completely safe!
  • It's only a part of our API.



  • Mainly used for Resource & Resource Updates requests.
  • General talks, suggestions, bug reports and more.
  • Market.

Premium Upgrades


  • Get your account upgraded, get access to more categories, new profile perks, username styles or increase/remove your download limits and support the site.

Discord Server

  • Our discord server is available only for upgraded members.

DiCoins and DiCredits

  • DiCoins is our on-site currency which is used to buy stuff in our Shop, you can get them by triggering such events like daily logging in to your account, resource uploads, updating your resources and few more.
  • You can access your wallet anytime by clicking dollar button beside alerts and messages icons, if you will click on your DiCoins balance you can redeem gift codes if you have any, donate to other members or purchase DiCoins with PayPal.
  • DiCredits is currency which can be purchased only by real PayPal money, there are no events to get them on-site for free.
  • With DiCredits you can buy alts and accounts and some other digital products.
  • Access DiCredits wallet from the same place as DiCoins.



  • Here you can buy accounts and even more with our on-site currency called DiCoins.



  • We have basic ticket system for our non-premium users or guests if they have problems with register or logging in to their accounts however if you're upgraded member, you can join our Discord server and get support faster.

Resource Donations


  • !This page is completely anonymous!
  • If you'll want to help us and contribute on our resource page, you can send us resources trough this page! It's completely anonymous and you are completely safe, we will null your resources and then we'll upload them. Thanks for any contributions.



  • Want to help us even more? You can donate on this page if you'll want to help us to keep the site up.

Account Trophies


  • Our trophy system is not too hard and almost anyone can collect them, collect as many as you can and everyone will see them on your profile and your posts on forum.

DirectLeaks Status


  • If you'll ever have problems connecting to our website, you can check this page and there you'll see if our servers are operational and running!

Website Changelog


  • Check all the updates and changes of our website and stay updated.
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DISCORD: t0r#8252 (fast response)

Please allow up to a week for an email response. Kindly note that emailing your complaint to other parties such as our Service Providers will not expedite your request and they don't even have to respond to your request.

Any and all content posted by the staff team is gifted to us by users, and was not uploaded to an external source by us. We take no responsibility for anything we post and we reserve the right to our users privacy. The users and staff of this site have no knowledge of any illcit or illegal activities occuring on this site.