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Aegis Cracked - The best bungeecord fork. Auth-System & AntiBot & AntiCrash // Leaked // FREE

NULLED BUNGEE FORK Aegis Cracked - The best bungeecord fork. Auth-System & AntiBot & AntiCrash // Leaked // FREE v8.7.0

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OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/AmvcUfn


It's a fork of the well-known BungeeCord server proxy.
This fork focuses on the most important thing: smooth game without any bots, crash/exploits and lag problems caused by hackers and websites like MCSpam, MCStorm.. & other nullping crashers.

Why Aegis?
We have our own AntiBot built in BungeeCord which is much faster than a plugin, it contains lots of "antibot shells" that player has to pass, otherwise he can't join. There are absolutely 0 false detects! It can be used on big networks without any problems (currently lots of 100+ (even 1k+) online players servers are using Aegis)

AntiBot Shells/checks/detections
- about 5 login checks
- 2 ping checks
- 3 in-game checks
There are absolutely 0 bots on your server, without 0 false detects. If bots bypass login & ping checks they have also to bypass in-game check which is impossible. They have to fall into abyss, bots never have "velocity" - they have antiknockback so it's easy to detect if it's a bot, we also can check the ping of player and his country, optionally.

AntiCrash/AntiExploit patches
- Oversized packet - login packets with maximum allowed bytes size or with more than 21 bits in the packet. Just packet with too big or small length
- Corrupted Packet - packet with unknown information or unregister data in the packet list, it's blocked.
- Cipher Exploit - Cipher is a crypt tech. Invalid encryption key.
- Invalid protocol requested - invalid protocol id in handshake packets
- BadPacketExploit - Packet id outside of the range.
- Bad Direction
- Invalid login states
- HTTP packets, IndexOutOfBounds, QuietException etc.
- Invalid handshake values, like handshake with hostname without port, + lots of other values (just oversized packet)
- lots more.

BungeeCord does absolutely 0 to fix crash/exploit problems, Waterfall tries to block it but lots of people still have bypasses (I can crash it too)

Here are videos with powerful bot attacks vs Aegis:

What's new in Aegis?
This resource just easily blocks bots, bungee/proxy exploits (e.g null ping crash, MCSpam emerald plan, MCStorm cpu killer), flood attacks. Supports 1.7.x-1.15.x.
- Fork of Travertine (Waterfall + 1.7) with fixed bungee exploits (null ping etc)
- The most powerful AntiBot, 0 false detects, higly-configurable configs (every message and option). Lots of login and ping checks + in-game checks that NOONE can bypass.

AntiBot configuration is in "aegis_antibot.yml" and you can configure totally everything. The available configuration files are in: "normal config.yml below plugins folder", "Aegis/config.yml", "Aegis/aegis_antibot.yml".

- /aegis reload (aegis.reload) - reloads whole configuration files
- /aegis stats (no permission) - shows statistics of antibot on actionbar
- /aegis (un)whitelist [ip] (aegis.whitelist) - whitelist ip from every check
- /aegis (un)blacklist [ip] (aegis.blacklist) - blacklists ip, we do not accept any connection and packet from this ip (only for 10 minutes, it's cached)
- /greload (bungeecord.command.reload) - reloads every bungeecord configuration file
- /greloadservers (bungeecord.command.reloadservers) - reloads list of servers from config.yml


Bot attack:

MCSpam emerald plan (45$) easily blocked:
Bungee smashers & ZeusSlapper (best null ping crashers):

Destroyer (almost unstoppable ping attack) is also easily blocked.

Here is example of null ping crasher: (it's crashing every bungeecord)

Aegis is BungeeCord fork, not a plugin! You have to replace your already existing bungeecord.jar with aegis.jar, that's all. If you can - remove already existing config.yml to let the new one be generated.

Aegis will be developed for a long time, we want to keep the servers secured, when there is a new version of bungeecord (e.g 1.15.3 support - then I add it as fast as possible, don't worry)

Plugin that I recommend to use on spigot, to protect your spigot server against client crashers like jigsaw, ysk, jessica etc. https://www.mc-market.org/resources/13303/

Contact (discord): yooniks#0289
Discord server: https://discord.gg/AmvcUfn

There are big networks that are using this resource (500+ online players). If you have big network and want me to test your security/protection you can write me on discord.

Do you want to test Aegis with your bots and exploits? PM me on discord: yooniks#0289, I will enable test server for you.
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Latest updates

  1. v8.7.0

  2. v8.7 // Final crack fix

    v8.7 // Final crack fix
  3. v8.2.3


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Thanks for this t0r, Unfortunately, it has problems with the new license system. It crashes and doesn't let premium users in.
Perfect ^^ changelogs here https://minemen.com/resources/216/updates
overall good, but please update. missing one important feature.
Please update !


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