BedWars1058 - The most modern bedwars plugin.

NULLED BedWars1058 - The most modern bedwars plugin. 0.9beta (API 12)

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  • BedWars is a minigame where you have to defend your bed and destroy the others.
    Once your bed is destroyed, you cannot respawn.

    Updates are focused for the latest supported version. Older versions may not receive further updates.

    ViaRewind, ViaBackwards and PlugMan may cause issues.
    ProtocolLib Plugin is creating ghost players sometimes.

    Made with love in Romania

    Player Levels - click
    Bed Coins Money Rewards - click
    Win Streak - click
    Execute Reward Commands - click

    Romanian Tutorial by Askarion#8083

    Spoiler: Old Tutorials

    Waiting screen

    Web Interface

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  2. 0.6beta

    0.6beta Software changes: - arenas will now load in order in arenasGUI - removed 1.8.x...
  3. DL Fix

    DL FIX

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Works fine, no problems. Would be nice to update it to the latest version. Thank you.
Good Plugin.Works well.

Please update to version 0.6.1

Thank You
Please Update 0.6.1beta
The lastest verison not work! Update? <3
Update to 0.6 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Update? <3
Best Plugin EVER!!!
Thank You For Updating!!
Please Update 0.5.2beta

PD: Nice Work
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