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This plugin has a really nice UI and I know it can do more, just don't know what. Post your suggestions in the discussion area, and if its good I will add it and you will receive it for free. Else you can get it for 80% off right now.

Are you sick and tired of using ftp to edit configuration files on your server?
This plugins allows full editing of configuration files of your server, all done in
a beautiful chat GUI meaning you never have upload or download one again!

You can also view console and download files directly to your server.

Youtube Video by LBEGaming:

Main Menu:





This plugin requires my core plugin DabCore and my plugin ChatAPI

1. Download jar and upload to plugins folder
2. Restart or Reload your server and you are good to go

Cauldron users: You may have to set New_Lines to false in config if seeing weird chars in chat.

Command | Permission | Explanation

/editor | editor.open | Opens the editor chat gui

Please request features in the discussion area and I will do my best to add them.

* File creation/deletion
* Editing txt and other files

By downloading/buying this plugin you agree to the following:
1. You will not redistribute/resell/forward/send this plugin to anyone for any reason

2. You will not get a refund under any circumstances
3. You may not decompile or attempt to look at the source code
4. This plugin may only be used on one server/network, unless you have a statement from me stating that you may use it on more
5. Any plugin made which uses this plugin must be made private or accessible free of charge or you must provide a statement from me stating you may charge for said plugin
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