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DIRECT Galaxy Package | Space Flares | G.A.S | 120+ Enchantments | Gkits/Vkits 1.4

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Galaxy Package 2 - The sequel to Galaxy Package 1 is the most complete package to add features to your server in order to create a highly unique and customizable experience with all enchantments, space flares, fallen heroes and more being 100% customisable.

This plugin is perfect for any Factions / Prison / Survival / Skyblock / Etc. server that needs more custom features and enhanced game play.

  • Java 8.
  • WorldEdit v6.1 & WorldGuard v6.1
  • OR
  • WorldEdit v6.2.1 ( & WorldGuard v6.2.1
  • Latest FactionsUUID or Latest MassiveCore Factions. (OPTIONAL)

    • Download Galaxy Package 2 & any other requirements that you do not have
    • Drag n' Drop all of the downloaded files into your server’s "plugins" directory
    • Restart the server
    • Assign proper permissions as seen below and reload your permissions plugin
    • (Sometimes a 2nd restart is needed to activate the enchantments upon first installation)
    • Done!

Code (Text):
# ---------- Enchantments and More ----------
# galaxyenchantments.limit.<1-100> - to limit the amount of enchantments a player/players in a group can apply to items. This works for each item, and it is basically a perm to set the maximum a player can apply per item.

/gp enchants - opens a GUI with all enchants - Permission: None

/gp enchanter - open the enchanter - Permission:

/gp tinkerer - open the tinkerer - Permission: enchants.tinkerer

/gp withdrawsouls <amount> - withdraw a number of souls from your tracked item - Permission: None

/gp splitsouls <amount> - withdraw a number of souls from your soulgem onto another one - Permission: None

/gp soulgem <amountOfSouls> <player> - give a player a soulgem with specified souls. Permission: enchantments.admin

/gp enchantedbook - Give a player an item based on the plugin. - Permission:

/gp enchantedbook give <player> scroll - give a player 1 white scroll.

/gp enchantedbook give <player> blackscroll - give a player 1 blackscroll

/gp enchantedbook give <player> transmogscroll - give a player 1 transmog scroll

/gp enchantedbook give <player> scroll<tier> or godly - give a player a randomization scroll.

/gp enchantedbook give <player> tracker<tier> - give a player a soul tracker.

/gp enchantedbook giveEnchantment <enchantmentName> <successRate> <destroyRate> <level>

# ---------- Fallen Heroes ----------

/gp fallenhero give <player> <nameofhero> - fallenheroes.give - give a player a

/gp fallenhero list - fallenheroes.list - list the fallen heroes you have made.

# ---------- Gkits and Vkits ----------

# cosmickits.use is the perm to open the /gp vkits and /gp gkits gui.

/gp vkit - cosmicvkits.(slot#) to give the perm to open.

/gp gkit - cosmickits.(slot#) to give the perm to open.

/gp <gkit/vkit> give <kitNumber> <playerName> - cosmickits.admin

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