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Having errors on /uperms command as superadmin
leak error or plugin's one ?
Thanks for your attention!!! I was waiting this like 2 months.
No worries. Hope it works out well for you.
The Back/Next page buttons inside the advanced crafting don't work :(
where is the mana add on
Thenks you very match for working link!!! I finally can dawnload it! You are awsome! Keep up good work!
Thanks :)
Very good leak. I thank you for putting your time and money into this to help us get this plugin for free instead of paying.
Update pls :) + config.yml & messages.yml?
The plugin is broken!
pls fix
Illegal exception table range in class file e/hi
AMAZING, thank you so much works perfect :D.
Latest versions works perfectly. Thanks
Good Spigot fork (happy that brownie leaked it) and it does the job and I would highly recommend this


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