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Hey can you update this 2.3.4 thanks for all but this verion very old
How could I make config for that? :/
Please Update
Plugins were in the folder ane everything but 70% dont work -_-, but its not your fault so ill leave a good review
Worked like a charm, would recommend J0kers leaks
Amazing. for pre-1.15. Could you update this to 10.7 for use on 1.16 servers?
Author of this crack, you are god!
excellent resource, nice picture of a vulture, 10/10
Fake Client, do not download it is just a picture of a vulture
Update Please
I have a question how the expansion is installed?
If you want to use the non-modified version, just drag "SWJairo_v3.7-deobfull.jar" to your plugins folder (Don't forget to add NametagEdit and PlaceHolderAPI)

If you want to use my edited version, drag "SWJairo_v3.7-Fixed.jar" to your plugins folder (This one will work without dependencies :), if you want to add them, just drag the dependency you want to add to your plugins folder and done :))

Btw the expansion was made for Cookloco's SkyWars (You'll find it in this website :))

A 5 star rating would be appreciated :)
Damm, this is high quality content on DirectLeaks :)
God resource, Please add that when someone enters a game, in the chat, the player who entered has rank using the suffix of each rank, cubecraft
At the moment I won't do that since it envolves editing the code directly from the SkyWars plugin, but I might consider your idea sometime in the future.
Doesn't work update latest version 3.0.2 pls
Dont work



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