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Great Plugin, can we get an update to latest build?
[04:24:40] [Server thread/INFO]: [DirectLeaks] File tampering detected![04:24:40] [Server thread/INFO]: [DirectLeaks] Please redownload the file from[04:24:40] [Server thread/INFO]: [DirectLeaks] Error code: 0x2

I already downloaded it twice but still, the error persists. A quick fix would be nice :)
Doesn't work please update And I'll give a better review
3.9.5 giving errors
Very cool that you unlock it for free while all good plugins sometime disapear from free and thats a shame. And if you can uploud, please next time uploud the Legacy version too in one packet you can use WinRar while i use server 1.12.2 and there latest is only for 1.13 If you have enabled Discussion than i dont write this here thank you.
There are both versions, legacy + 1.13 only
Please update
Can you put the version 1.8.16 b838 plis, because the Beta is only for 1.13
Hey i have the same problem, plugin not load even if i delete a whole map and start it with fresh? Where is the problem with latest version?
So plugin cant work is useless, sorry.
It's not issue with plugin leak but with plugin itself or with your configuration.
Thank you! =)
Can you update? I really need this for version 1.13.2 ;p
Link doen't working