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Very good plugin,thank you t0r :)
Oh Nice !!!, Only 1 plugin left is Ultimate Farm : thx a lot dude
no worries, i will try to get that too! hope you all love directleaks ;-D
Half things doesen't work. Autosell + TokenEnchant configs removed please fix it.
Incredible resource!
Thank you, but somehow permissions dont work
Thanks, really appricate it! If you have more skyblock servers it would be dope to upload them! Anyway thanks :D
I have a few more! - Expect big leaks coming soon :)
Thanks for the review!
Thanks for the Leak. (i do not know if this is apart of the setup but a few things seem to be missing?)
I'm working on finding the halloween version, I have it stored on my VPS somewhere, just need to find it first.
Thanks for the review, expect an update soon.
Really good a few things missing but other then all of that. it is really good thanks for the leaked keep doing what you are doing
This resource does not work properly.
The plugins loads fine but when i type any command in chat i got "an internal error". please fix
NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE, pls update to 1.3.2 ty
i plant to Build PUbG Sv And i'm Using this Plugin ;)


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