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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12

40+ big networks (with 1000+ online players) trust in MultiLobby!


MultiLobby is a lightweight solution for multiple lobbies for BungeeCord. You can have as many lobbies as you want, this plugin will be automatically rebalancing your players between the lobbies. It also contains many utilities like /lobby or /hub commands, this plugin also provides you a /glag which shows some basic information about your bungee instance like used RAM, Uptime, players and if you are on linux it also shows "open files" (opened/max).

Payment via PaySafeCard is possible, just send me PM!

ConnectorSigns - Powerful plugin for Lobby servers to let your players join to minigame servers in their available phase with full customizable Sign Format with placeholders.


- Global standard in balancing multiple instances since 2014!
- Allows you to have multiple lobby servers (hub servers)
- Balancing players between lobbies
- Now supporting Lobby selector (menu) plugins (New!)
- Works with RedisBungee
- Works with multi Bungee setup even without Redis
- Offline Lobby server detection, players can connect even if 1 of your lobby servers crashes!
- Shared chat across lobby servers
- Custom glist formatting
- KickMove (aka MoveMeNow) feature included! Now with kick reason blacklist!
- Dynamic MOTD (you can change your motd without restarting your bungee)
- UltimateFriends support
- Party and Friends support
- SlashLobby system use /<lobby_server_name> to teleport to specific lobby/hub server
- Per-server command blacklist - deny certain Bungee/Bukkit commands on any server connected to bungee from one place - from MultiLobby config!
- This plugin was / is tested on a BungeeCord instance with 3300 players online!


Shows some basic info about your bungeecord instance. This command will also list your lobby servers and its status.

System load shows you how much busy your system is, there are 3 statuses in MultiLobby:
1. Critical system overload! => Load is higher than your available CPUs
2. System works under pressure! => Everything is ok, but your system is stressed
3. System runs smoothly and clearly! => You have a lot of power to spare
You should keep the system load as low as you can for the best BungeeCord performance.


Command that tells you the server where the specified player is playing, it works like tab-complete, so you can write just /player a and it will find all players with nicks that contain "a".

Shared chat:
MultiLobby contains a shared chat across your lobby servers, so friends can chat even if they are not in the same lobby.
The format of the shared chat can be set in config (colors, prefix, names etc), by default it looks like this:

Custom /glist
You can also specify how the /glist command will look like, this option can be enabled or disabled.
How to setup custom glist:
1. delete cmd_list.jar from "modules" folder
2. remove the line "- jenkins://cmd_list" from the modules.yml
3. Enable it in MultiLobby config.yml (custom-glist: true)

After setup and a bit of playing with it your glist can look like this:


/lobby or /hub -
Teleports you to a lobby
/lobby <number> - Example: You have 4 lobbies and you want to get to the first one so you write /lobby 1
/glag - Shows basic bungee info (requieres permission ml.admin / ml.glag)
/player <name> - Tells you on which server the player is
/glist - Custom format (can be enabled/disabled)
/gsend <player> <server> - Teleports player to specified server (requieres permission ml.admin / ml.gsend)
/gsay - Broadcast message over all servers connected to current BungeeCord instance (requieres permission ml.admin / ml.gsay)
/mlreload - Reloads the config (requieres permission ml.admin / ml.reload)
/mldebug - Enables debug mode (only for testing) (requieres permission ml.admin / ml.debug)

ml.admin - grants you full access
ml.bypass - bypasses the command spam block feature
ml.gsend - access to the command /gsend
ml.gsay - access to the command /gsay
ml.glag - access to the command /glag
ml.mlreload - access to the command /gsend
ml.debug - access to the command /mldebug


Code (Text):

#Main config section
#logingroup = the group of server where are the players sent after they join your network (its usualy for offline networks where you need to have separated /login servers and lobbies)
#fallbackgroup is usually group of your lobby servers
#If you do not have separated login servers and lobby server then set logingroup and fallback group to be the same
logingroup: AuthServers
fallbackgroup: Lobbies
#List your own groups of servers here in order to activate the balancing between the servers in the group
- Lobbies
- AuthServers
- ArcadeHubs
#Here you can create additinal groups of servers that should be balanced
- Lobby1
- Lobby2
- Auth1
- Auth2
- Arcade1
- Arcade2

#PLayers will be forced to your logingroup of servers after they join your bungee, disabling this will disable logingroup option in the section above, this is useful when you want to just balance your lobby servers and you want that players stays on server where they last logged off or you want to control this feature with another plugin (like BungeeAuthentificator)
force-login-group: true

#Detect if lobby server is offline and redirect players to other lobby which is online (this feature may take additional resources especially RAM, by default this feature is disabled)
offlinedetection: false

#How often should MultiLobby check the lobby servers if they are online or offline, the interval is in secs. (By default there is an interval 25 seconds, this means that MultiLobby pings all of your lobby servers every 25 secs, if lobby server does not respond to the ping = server is down and MultiLobby will no more be sending players to this server). If there is no online lobby, all players that are trying to connect will be kicked
detectioninterval: 25

#Socket timeout for offline detection or external lobby status in miliseconds. Do not touch this value util you have problems with pinging. If you have higher ping between bungee and lobby machines raise this value 2x higher than the ping value between lobby and bungee machines. Default is 100.
socket-timeout: 200

#Allows your players use "slash-server-commands". So if your lobby server is called "Lobby2", you can use /Lobby2 to teleport to Lobby2! (it works only for lobby servers).
slash-lobby: false

#Command blacklist (from here you can deny some commands on certain servers, there are 2 examples, if you have auth servers, then you probably do not want to let players teleport to lobby without logging-in. If you want to use this feature font forget to change option enabled: true!
enabled: false
- /lobby
- /hub
- /lobby
- /hub

#Should command /glag show you local or external number of player connected to lobby servers ? (false=internal bungee status)
glag-external-status: true

#Motd can be easily edited from here (if enabled) without having to do /greload which is dangerous command and can lead to serious problems, this motd can be loaded by /mlreload command:
motd: '&6My Super Network'
motdenabled: false

#If server is closed should be the player moved to the fallback group of servers ? If disable player will be kicked out of the network
kick-move: true

#If the kick reason contains one of the following phrases or words, player will be kicked out of the network instead to a lobby server (works only if the kick-move is enabled)
- "ban"
- "kick"

#Enable lobby-to-lobby balancing?
#This feature will balance players in lobby servers, this means when you are on lobby server and you want to connect to another lobby server the only option is execute /lobby <num>, but if you want to integrate it with some inventory menu plugins where the player can choose what lobby to go on you need to disable this feature!
lobby-to-lobby-balancing: true

#gsay prefix:
gsay-prefix: ""

#Shared chat:
enable-shared-chat: true
shared-chat-format: "&7[&e%server%&7]&f %playername%: %msg%"

#To use the custom glist you have to disable module "cmd_list" in your bungeecord in modules.yml (delete the line) and delete the file cmd_list.jar from "modules" folder located also in your bungeecord folder.
custom-glist: false
glist-format: "&a[%server%] &f(%numplayers%): %playerlist%"
glist-total: "Total player online: %totalnum%"

#Enable /player command ?
player-enabled: true

#Enable debug:
debug: false

#Protect MultiLobby commands againts abuse ?
cmdcooldown: true

#Enable /lobby and /hub command
lobbycommand: true

#Every 5 seconds prints info about server status into console (players, server load, allocated RAM), this feature is great if you are trying to analyze Bungee-side lags.
printinfo: false

enablekickmsg: false
kickmsg: "You have been moved to fallback server: &reason"
spamblock: "Blocked as a spam!"
alternatives: "Alternatives"
playernotfound: "Player was not found!"
ison: " is playing in "
badarguments: "Bad arguments"
name: "name"
noperm: "You do not have permission to perform this command!"
wrongnumber: "You input wrong number! Use: /lobby <number>"
cmdblock: "You cannot use this command here!"
noonlinelobbyfound: "No online lobby at the moment, please try again later!"

#Do not touch the version
version: 4

Developer API:

If you want to add support for MultiLobby in your plugin then the only thing you need to do is use MultiLobby API to send players to diferent servers without balancing otherwise the player will be auto-balanced and will end up in different server.

Code (Text):

package cz.gameteam.dakado.multilobby;

public class MultiLobby {

public static void joinFallbackLobby(ProxiedPlayer p);

public static void directJoin(ProxiedPlayer p, int num);

//this is the method you want to use to move the player to another server without balancing
public static void directJoin(ProxiedPlayer p, String server);

public static boolean isUp(String server);

public static String getFirstOnlineLobby();

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  1. Added new command

    - Added /gbalance <player> <group> to send player to a specific group of servers and autobalance him

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