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RPGCore V3 - The ultimate server core for RPG servers!

NULLED RPGCore V3 - The ultimate server core for RPG servers! 3.7.36-STABLE

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You can find the wiki link on the bottom of the page (Above the link to the discord!)

This resource pack is NOT included with the resource, however if you ask I can give you the number setup I used with RPAssist to ease up creating your own.

Please inform yourself about what this resource can do before buying!


RPGCore is more then just a simple plugin, it is an entire suite of tools dedicated to allow you putting together the next RPG experience. No longer you will have to scrape together a variety of roleplaying plugins to create something that somehow, somewhat, blends together with each other.

RPGCore will offer you everything necessary to create an RPG experience where everything is neatly blending together. You'll be able to create an environment on your server that will feel like if a multitude of developers have sunk hundreds of hours meticulously crafting each system!

However be warned that RPGCore is by no means a simple resource to get into, prepare to spend a lot of time configuring this plugin to get it to do what you want. You are getting the framework for a functional RPG experience - but an extensive and inclusive core that can be modified to fit your specific needs takes time to get used to.

RPGCore only aims to take over the roleplaying aspect of your server, this means systems like (for example) Skills, Items, Passives, Spell Casting, Upgrading and so on are taken care of by RPGCore.

Since version 3.3.13 RPGCore also offers MySQL integration (Testing done with MariaDB 10.0.17 using XAMPP, MariaDB is a drop-in cleaner and faster replacement for MySQL!), Common SQL servers were not tested. The SQL implementation allows automated table upgrading!

RPGCore includes examples for hundreds of items, skills, socketables, affixes and a working passive tree!
The number of examples is growing by the day!

RPGCore is a resource still in development, regularly gaining new features and optimizing existing ones. Should you find missing functionality feel free to drop by the discord and request it being added.








Beneath you can find a short listing of the features present in RPGCore, note that this resource is receiving a huge number of updates of varying volume. These are just the core features!
  • Custom Health, Shield & Mana System (Including actionbar representation and a reservation system!)​
  • Fully fledged and extremely powerful skill system that works for both mobs and players alike.​
  • A specialization orientated approach on the features.​
  • An affixing based item generation system​
  • Socketables for equipment​
  • Fully functional item upgrading and refinement system​
  • Leeching System with fine control options​
  • Damage type conversion calculcations​
  • Several hundred attributes that cover every thinkable situation​
  • Internal system for projectiles and meteors.​
  • Localized Skill System granting near infinite possibilities​
  • Offhand System featuring Tomes (Spell Casting) and Shields (Tanking) with more being planned in future versions.​
This list could be ten times as long if I went into detail for each option listed here, but the simple fact that RPGCore has several hundred attributes should be enough to confirm the massive scale of it!
  • You are not allowed to claim the source/binary code of the plugin as your own.​
  • Version compatibility is guaranteed for 1.12.2 and 1.13.2, this may change at any point - I can abandon any older version in favor of newer ones at any point.​
  • Should you be banned from the support discord, all your related accounts may be denied of any support.​
  • You are not allowed to decompile or modify this plugin.​
  • You are not allowed to share or resell this plugin.​
  • This plugin cannot be refunded since its a digital product.​
  • I hold the right to change the price and T.o.S. whenever I want.​
  • You automatically agree with the T.o.S. on purchase.​

You can download expansions to further enhance your experience with RPGCore! These expansions all work like common plugins, however their configurations are done under the CraftRPGCore folder.​
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There are no info for install exactly and how you can run without errors the plugin, i've try million times but nothing, just is incomplete. When i try to log in to the server, i can't use chat for type login command.


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