SuperBedwars [BIG network like] [TEAM,SOLO,UPGRADE,SHOP,GENERATOR, 1.8-1.11]

NULLED SuperBedwars [BIG network like] [TEAM,SOLO,UPGRADE,SHOP,GENERATOR, 1.8-1.11] 1.0

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11


✦ Bedwars is a game where you need to gather resource, buy items, destroy enemies beds and fight to be the last man standing!
This addicting game mode will be an amazing addition to any network big or small.

✦ Why is it the most powerful Bedwars plugin?
It's just simply because everything is customizable from the moment you enter the game to the message that gets sent on your way out, everything is customizable! There are a lot of features that you can use to make the game unique to fit with your own network to personalize the experience to fit your community alike! You have more features than any other Bedwars plugin! BedwarsReloaded was designed with networks in mind, you get to control this for your network!

✦ What is this amazing scoreboard?
SuperBedwars was built with a powerful scoreboard system. SuperBedwars's scoreboard was built with a highly efficient anti-flicker scoreboard that will ensure that your scoreboard will stand out from all the other servers! You can also customize it how you want with many variables to add uniqueness to allow for a network that you like! Just take a look at the highly detailed scoreboard.yml, if you have any questions with the scoreboard, we got awesome support!

✦ What is this amazing support I've heard of?
We provide support to the best of our abilities. Our Management Team & Developer Team are here to help you any second you need our help. We have a very active Skype chat which allows for the fastest support that you can imagine. Skype Support Chat is powered by other buyers and our team, we have an active community on the Skype chat that is willing to answer questions along with our team, providing for basically 24/7 support. If that does not work for you then you can send the team a private message here on spigot and we will still provide amazing support! For links to the support please look in the bottom section titled "Support"


  • Login to spigot and purchase the plugin
  • Download BedWars.jar
  • Download the dependencies (Spigot 1.8/1.11 and ProtocolLib)
  • Drop the world you want use and call it 'BedwarsWorld'
  • Start the plugin
  • Connect on the server and type the command /game config start
  • You will have items that let you configure spawns/beds/lobby/generator/shop npc/upgrade npc and so on! (Read description of these items to see how to use them)
  • Type the command /game config stop when you have finished
  • Enjoy the plugin
  • If you are more visual you can go to the section "Video" and look the setup video!

✦ Villager shop 100% configurable
✦ Event like special generator upgrades, bed destruction...
✦ Firework ending
✦ Super easy to configure (Look the video)
✦ Sounds
✦ Colored Tablistname
✦ Auto regen world!
✦ Bed hologram
✦ Animation on special generator
✦ Generator system!
✦ Spectator Teleporter
✦ Special generator system (emerald, diamond generator)
✦ Upgrade shop SOLO and TEAM!
✦ Special item in shop like fireball, iron golem and much more...
✦ Hologram without dependency!
✦ Bungee lobby support!
✦ Spectator join
✦ Powerful Team System!
✦ Configurable Team GUI!
✦ No limit of team, no limit of player per team!
✦ Powerful Scoreboard System!
✦ Anti-Flicker Scoreboard!
✦ Customizable Scoreboard!
✦ All the message are configurable!
✦ Stats (wins, kills, finalKill, death, and more)!
✦ MySQL Stats
✦ Custom motd for different state of the game!
✦ Health above player tag
✦ Spectator System with the ability to teleport to others players!
✦ Chat system! (Global, Team, Spectator)
✦ Server restart at the end of the game!
✦ Force start the game with /game start!
✦ Auto updating config file!
✦ Back to lobby!
✦ Chat formatting!
✦ Placeholders in scoreboard!
✦ Item to lobby!
✦ Global Chat
✦ Hub command!
✦ Eternal Day!
✦ Configurable Messages! (Over 100 lines!)
✦ Auto-fill Teams!
✦ Best support Spigot can offer!
✦ Anti-Piracy/Code Injector system!
✦ PlaceholderAPI hook!
✦ And much more... Fully configurable.. See in file configuration!




✦ /game start: Start the game with countdown
✦ /game forcestart: Start the game without countdown
✦ /game config start/stop: Start/stop config mode!
✦ /game revive <playerName>: Revive a player!
✦ /stat <playerName>: See the stat of a player!

Permission: game.admin
This permission let you see the spectator chat, give you access to /game command, you can also talk with player that are in game when you're in spectator



Check out this Github to get some already done translation!


How to get your video on here: Create a review with your video url so that i know the user and version the user is on

Official Test Server

Community Test Servers
How to get your test server on here: Create a review with your IP so that i know the user and version the user is on


Bedwars offers basically the best support possible. We offer support in 3 Languages which are English, Spanish, and French. We also provide support in 3 different places in which we are very active on. I can say as a buyer of a lot of premium plugins on spigot we offer one of the best support on spigot!
Remember only use support from here!

Click here for Private Message Support!
Click here for Spigot Discussion Page
Click here for Discord Support!

Click here to report a bug


Reviews are one of the most important things to a developer so we are very happy to get reviews and we thank you everyone that done one!


Multiarena ✗
Kit ✗
Command executed on each event ✗
Vault hook for economy ✗
1.7 support ✗
More stat for SQL ✗


Please note that by buying this plugin you agree to the following!
1 - You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin
2 - You may not decompile/modify the code, without permissions.
3 - Only use it for your server/network!
4 - We can block your access to the plugin if you break one of these three rules
5 - No stupid reviews, such as (Its missing features! or the dev isn't adding features I request) Because the features are on the main page! and you knew them before purchasing, so no complaining!
6- No refunds
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