SUPERGUILDS | Superior, enhanced, factions-like. | GUILD WAR, GUILDS EMLEM, NEW FEATURES

NULLED SUPERGUILDS | Superior, enhanced, factions-like. | GUILD WAR, GUILDS EMLEM, NEW FEATURES 6.3.1

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(It requires Skript&Repuska plugin to run. →

"SUPERGUILDS is a plugin that lets you create a Guild which is your team. You can claim land as your own, raid other Guilds and win tournaments. This breaks old faction rules and brings you new gameplay!"

TEST SERVER (1.12.2):

  • %100 Easy setup. You can even use this on server which you're playing survival with friends. <3
  • You can change everything: messages, sounds even gui items.
  • Minigame like war system, guilds can war in there with pre-set inventories or their inventories. You can create unlimited war arenas.
  • No lag problems with unbelievable guild amount.
  • All things are GUI sized, so your players don't have to write boring commands.
  • Different raise system, you can raise other claims with your division. (Like Bronze, Gold, Diamond)
  • Emblem system! You can design your guild's emblem and be cool. Also guilds have MOTD system.
  • Buildings system with Schematics! Each buildings gives power and feature to your guild. (For example Townhall gives you more slot capacity.)
  • Supports other plugins as well!
  • If you having problems with setup, we can help!
  • Teleport to your claims with GUI menu.
  • Well supported. (SUPERGUILDS was created in 2015, we're still updating it to add new features.)
  • A conventer for Factions to SUPERGUILDS!
  • and more...
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Latest updates

  1. Update: 6.3.1

    Recommended Update! Fixed war issues. (Crashes, Inventory, <none>, War Ending after Quit and...
  2. Update: 6.3.0

    Added option "Break/Place-Only-Claimed-Areas-Disabled-Worlds" for each world. Added option...
  3. Update: 6.2.8

    Fixed "Break-Only-Claimed-Areas" and added an option "Place-Only-Claimed-Areas". If you enable...

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