SUPERGUILDS | Superior, enhanced, factions-like. | GUILD WAR, GUILDS EMLEM, NEW FEATURES

NULLED SUPERGUILDS | Superior, enhanced, factions-like. | GUILD WAR, GUILDS EMLEM, NEW FEATURES 6.3.1

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Recommended Update!

  • Fixed war issues. (Crashes, Inventory, <none>, War Ending after Quit and more...)
  • Fixed upgrade build crashes and issues.
  • Fixed losing chests after upgrading builds.
  • Added option "Break/Place-Only-Claimed-Areas-Disabled-Worlds" for each world.
  • Added option "Command-Whitelist" for usages while in war.
  • Fixed crash when upgrade buildings if you disable schematics in config file.
  • Fixed chests disappers when you upgrade build. (Thanks to great scripter @Blueyescat)
  • Fixed inventory disappers when you die while in war.
  • Fixed empty schematic grounds. It fills them with cobblestones.
  • and fixes more!...
Fixed "Break-Only-Claimed-Areas" and added an option "Place-Only-Claimed-Areas". If you enable it, players can only edit claimed zones.
  • Added "New 2 Guild Permissions" for "Place" and "Break" so you can give these permissions to your guild members.
  • Fixed minor issues.
We're open for your all suggestions! Feel free!

  1. Implemented Hologram API and Chunk Outliner.
  2. Now when you try to build somebuild, a hologram will appear.
  3. Fixed minor issues.
  1. Fixed "This version is outdated." issue.
  2. Fixed "on first start, it creates wrong language file." issue.
  3. Fixed "This locale file is outdated." issue.
NEXT UPDATE: Withdraw from guild storage and more.
My libary for premium resources, Repuska is not longer free to use by everyone.

All buyers have to send a private message to me and get a link to download new Repuska!

After this update old Repuska versions won't work with SUPERGUILDS.

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