UnrealShop 1.13 Only

DIRECT UnrealShop 1.13 Only 2.0.2

No permission to download
[Added] Possibility to run command as OP when buying.

[Fixed] Console errors.
Fixed page glitch

!!! WARNING !!!

BETA Version! There are may be bugs and errors.
Use on production server on your own risk!

[IMPORTANT] Config files has been changed! They are not compatible with old version configs!

[Added] Happy Hours.
[Added] More customization possibilities.
[Added] An 'pages' option in shop config.
[Added] An 'page' option for shop items.

[Editor] Now, in product (item) manager you can more easily add new items to the shop.

[Changed] 'shops' were removed and 'categories' are now shops.

[Fixed] Many errors and bugs with GUIs.
[Fixed] Possible NPE errors.
[Fixed] Code optimization.
Minor bug fixes.
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