Zombies Minigame | [1.8-1.12]

NULLED Zombies Minigame | [1.8-1.12] 0.8.5

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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12

Notice, that BungeeMode is active by Default and you won't be able to Break / Interact / Perform any Action on any World, enable MultiArena if you need to do something like i said.


Zombies is a round-based survival game in which you team up with 3 (or more) other players to fight waves of enemies. At first the game is relatively straightforward - shoot zombies with your gun in order to gain Gold and advance to the next rounds. As you progress through each round, enemies become stronger and more difficult to defeat with just basic weaponry. Advance through the map to gain access to better weapons and armor, and flip the Power Switch to activate machines. Machines cost gold to use, but give you various benefits that will aid in your struggle.


Fire Weapon - Right Click
Reload Weapon - Left Click
Open Doors / Buy Weapons - Right Click
Repair Windows - Hold Shift
Revive Teammates - Hold Shift


Configurable Messages
Configurable Rounds
Configurable Zombies
Configurable Round-/Zombie Speed
Configurable Weapons
Configurable Effects
Configurable Chat Format
Unlimited Maps
Random Map Selection
Configurable Start Map
Rejoin Game Option
Non-Flicker Scoreboard
MultiArena Support
BungeeCord Support
ActionBar & Title Support
MySQL Fastest Win Stats
Upgradeable Weapons
Powerup DisplayBar
Armor Shop
Weapon Shop
Weapons Chest
Team Machine
Ultimate Machine
Power Switch
MultiArena - Sign Layout
Custom Motds
Spectator Mode
Game Sounds
Revive Function
World Reset
Developer Events
No Dependency
Ordered Map GUI
Hidden Players
Hidden Chat
& more..


Server using Zombies ( BungeeCord )
mc.pigparty.eu ( MultiArena)
? Your Server ?

MultiArena Sign Setup
First release
Last update
4.84 star(s) 37 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. [Fixed] Rocket Launcher Hit | V 0.8.5

    Fixed an Issue that occured on hitting entities with the Rocket Launcher
  2. [Fixed] Revive | V 0.8.3

    Fixed an Issue that occured in the Revive System if someone left the round while going into the...
  3. [Added] Quicker Stats Delay | V 0.8.2

    Improved the Stats Holograms so they load way faster than before

Latest reviews

please update 0.8.7
Doesn't work, please fix it
Good Job!
Keep updating <3 thx for sharing.
please fix the error
[23:54:48] [Server thread/INFO]: [Zombies] Enabling Zombies v0.8.5
[23:54:48] [Server thread/INFO]: [DirectLeaks] Unable to access the antireleak banlist.
[23:54:48] [Server thread/INFO]: [DirectLeaks] Error code: 0x1
[23:54:48] [Thread-3/INFO]: Stopping server
Great!, Works perfectly on my server! <3
It keeps spamming the console server
And /zombies join (arena name) not working,I already set up the arena..
This plugins cant work well in my server , does any of you having same problem? The plugins keep spamming my console
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