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✨RevoltCrates ✨ 3D-In Person Crate Animations ⭕ LIVE Interactible Animations ⭕1.8-1.16.3

PREMIUM ✨RevoltCrates ✨ 3D-In Person Crate Animations ⭕ LIVE Interactible Animations ⭕1.8-1.16.3 2.0.0-Pre7.3

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t0r submitted a new resource:

✨RevoltCrates ✨ 3D-In Person Crate Animations ⭕ LIVE Interactible Animations ⭕1.8-1.16.3 - Interactible Animations ✨Whole New Experience To Opening Crates ✨ Key Crates ✨ 1.8-1.16

RevoltCrates is a revolt against all standard crate plugins.
It brings out something fresh to what has been used for almost a decade.


GUI Free Crate Unboxing


QuickCrate - The Perfect Crate for -------------------------Roulette Crate - a Truly Refreshing
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