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Oct 20, 2019
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20.11.2019 - DirectLeaks Market is in testing stage, there might be some issues, report all problems in bugs report forum.

Since we have opened our new DirectLeaks Market and you can get paid directly trough our forum (and we don't even take any percentage from sales), you can sell your products here. We opened just a few categories for now, if anyone will want any other categories, you can make a thread in our Suggestions forum and make a suggestion.
We posted DL Market rules as well and those rules are supposed to be changed soon as we will add more rules and it can be edited anytime without notice.
By using our DirectLeaks Market you automatically accept our ToS and Market Rules.

Right now there's no official middleman service as we want to see how it goes without it, but if there will be too many scammers, we will make automatic middleman service (= you will pay DirectLeaks instead of seller and until the seller transfer the purchased goods to you, we will keep your money safe, only after successful completion of the order we will transfer your money to the seller).
But for now, you're directly paying the seller, but you can always open a dispute on PayPal and make a scammer report on Forum. Scammer's account will be fully disabled and even all downloaded resources will be disabled. So we'll see how it goes, if it goes well, we'll keep the direct payment to the seller, but if there will be too many scams and reports, we will enable automatic DirectLeaks middleman services for buyer's safety.


We want to make our Market safe as we possibly can and right now there's no middleman service from DL, so we don't even take any percentage from any sales on our market, but if there will be too many scams, we will enable middleman services, that means we will get paid first from buyers, then you'll have to provide product purchased to the buyer - fully, and you will get paid from us afterwards. Of course if we will need to make DL Middleman services, we will take percentage from every sale on the market.

- t0r

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